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3 Productivity Strategies You’ll Keep Returning To Every Time

Today is April 1st and as we jump into Q2 I want to encourage you set aside time to audit what’s working in your business… and what’s not.

It’s likely you’re responsible for being both the creative genius and the business genius in your business so you might find it hard to carve out time for working on your business.

Here’s the thing. You should.

Before I set out to do something new or start a new quarter; I always like to audit. Audit my efforts, audit my head space and our capacity. With Spring at our feet, now is a great time to do that. I urge you to schedule time to spot check your efforts of Q1 right now and dive into this next quarter with intention.
Once you’ve audited and carved out your focus for Q2, I want you to think about this.
What do you do EVERY DAY that sets you up for success?
You may not even realize that your daily habits may be robbing you of your creativity, productivity, and profitability.
I’ve been an avid student of productivity for years, and while I may get off course now and then there’s 1 achievement model and 3 productivity strategies I keep returning to every time.
Visualization. Now, this is something I picked up from a friend and I love it! If you dedicate time to quiet the noise in your head, visualize your best day ahead, you’ll walk into your day clear, connected and from a place of radiant energy. Once I applied practice into my morning ritual, the feeling of abundance and attraction started showing up more and more in my life.
Time Chunk Your Work. I’ve been doing this one for years. Batching your work really helps optimize your time and keeps you focus. Did you know that whenever you toggle between tasks it adds up to a loss of 40% in productivity? Crazy. Work in the singular, focus on one thing and start to see instant change, I promise.
Peak Time. Each and every one of us has our own peak performance time. It’s the time of day where you’re at YOUR VERY BEST, firing on all cylinders. For some, it may be early morning others mid-day, while others may be night owls. Regardless of your Peak Time, it’s important you discover what it is for you. Now imagine. Imagine if you did your single most priority thing during your peak performance time – what type of results would you get? Just knowing this secret will change the way you approach your week I’m sure. By the way, when you’re in your peak time, it’s total immersion, airplane mode your phone and close down your email.
Wondering what my Achievement Model is? Well, that’s #TheHustlePlan. Our answer to getting FOCUSED to gain BIG RESULTS in your business – and avoid bright shiny object syndrome.
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