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VIP DAY with Interior Design Master Class

reignite your brand in just one day

A one on one VIP DAY is where you get tailored professional advice for how to reignite your marketing positioning so you step into your authority, stand out in your niche and generate more inquiries.

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Marketing is one of the buzz-iest words on the internet and with so many marketing options available, it can be near-impossible to know what you really need to do to stimulate growth in your business.

You can crowdsource your strategy, download a ready-made version, but a VIP DAY with Interior Design Master Class gives you the specific modern marketing framework for you. A detailed brand positioning outline that’s tailored to your vision, goals, values, and personality — because you are unique and your positioning should be too.

In just one day, you’ll have all the pieces you need to electrify your marketing to stand out from the crowd, and make an unforgettable impression. We tackle everything from your brand look & feel, your client sweet spot, lead capture, communication, and give you an Instagram overhaul so you leave your VIP DAY ready to claim your spotlight!

VIP DAY with Interior Design Master Class

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step one

Once your VIP DAY is booked, you’ll receive a Welcome Guide and Brand Questionnaire. We’ll use your responses to prepare your agenda and get ready for your big day.

step two

On your VIP DAY we’ll get started on our agreed upon agenda. We’ll collaborate, work independently and take breaks so we’re at our best for our time together.    

step three

You’ll get my support via email for 30 days following your VIP DAY. If you find yourself stuck on anything related to our work, you can use this time to ask questions and get answers.

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Marketing Services for Interior Designers

top-notch quality

With extensive marketing and industry experience, we deliver services and strategies that you can trust.


VIP Day for Interior Designers

a new strategy

You’ll get upgraded positioning – and you’ll walk away with a new strategy, plan, and content ideas.


VIP Day for Interior Designers

renewed confidence

You’ll feel great about your marketing positioning, step into your authority and increase your inquiries.

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We work together about 6 to 7 hours, taking breaks so we are at our best. You also receive 30 days post VIP DAY support..

The is one 1 on 1 session with Wendy.

After your VIP DAY you will walk with: confidence in your brand marketing positioning, elevated thought leadership, personalized content strategies and any assets we produce for you on the day.

Interior Design Master Class

it’s time for your marketing to work for you

Don’t spend another minute working a marketing look and strategy that isn’t working for you. In one day, you’ll have all the pieces you need to electrify your marketing, stand out from the crowd, and make not only an unforgettable impression but also an impression that converts.