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Interior Design Shot List

Interior Design Shot List

We’ve been talking ‘beauty shots’ as part of interior design shot list lately. Beauty shots are the tight captures in your finished space that seize a quiet styled moment. See it as moments of beauty, affluence, mood or personality.

These beauty shots are your golden nuggets. Golden because they should help anchor your design aesthetic in the eyes of your next opportunity, and golden because they’re perfect for today’s photo centric world. So while you might be completely wiped from the project, I urge you to muster up the energy to prepare for the photoshoot – and get these beauty shots in!

We work with so many designers whose work is exceptional but sadly, their photos fall short. Your work is too beautiful not to capture it perfectly and professionally… trust me; so many designers don’t understand just how important this is.

We want to help you maximize your photo shoots, so they’re magical.

Use this worksheet as a guide to take full advantage of your photo shoots (with some pro tips that you can apply right away!!). The fact is, well styled professionally photographed photos isn’t hard, it just needs prep work!! (I promise you, it will be so well worth it!)

This shot/shop list will help steer you in the right direction of stronger photos with personality and beauty. This package will trigger ideas and prepare you for shoot day to make sure every shot is one you can use to show your audience beauty through your eyes.

You’re exceptional friends, now let’s show the world how amazing you truly are!!

Interior Design Shot List

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