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scale your audience with the instagram capsule

scale your audience!

The Instagram Capsule is your pathway to publish-ready content that will scale your Instagram audience while giving you the luxury of just posting because we do all the legwork.

what is The Instagram Capsule?

The Instagram Capsule is 36 pieces of content thoughtfully planned, aesthetically organized and professionally written completely ready for you to use. 


why The Instagram Capsule?

Imagine having design-savvy marketers dedicated to shaping your Instagram presence. With our signature method, every square becomes a strategic piece in your marketing puzzle. We believe that cultivating a strong relationship with your audience requires a blend of intentional presence and positioning through photos, videos, and captions.

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instagram capsule

this is for you if...

the process...​


In Take Call The Instagram Capsule

discovery phase:​

We’ll have an intake call to understand your niche and the intricacies of your business.


scale your audience with the instagram capsule 2

design phase:​

We’ll do the planning, organizing  and copywriting for your personal Instagram Capsule.



delivery phase:​

You’ll receive your publish-ready content in an easy-to-use document.

enjoy the luxury of just posting
with none of planning

Say goodbye to feeling drained and frustrated with Instagram. The Instagram Capsule gives you the luxury of just posting because all planning, organizing and copywriting is done for you. Remember, when you’re feeling rushed, it’s tempting to just post something and hope for the best, but now you’ll get thoughtfully planning out content at your fingertips.

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is The Instagram Capsule for you?

Instagram Capsule is your go-to solution if:

Ready to elevate your Instagram presence? Let’s strengthen your squares with Instagram Capsule – where design meets engagement!


Yes, every piece in your Instagram Capsule is crafted, styled, and written exclusively for you.

First, we comb through your entire portfolio and hand-select the best photos and videos for a strong polished presence. Second, we write captions that mix storytelling with marketing strategy. Finally, we hand everything over to you in an easy-to-use document. From there you can upload everything into your favourite tool, or cut and paste into Instagram in real-time.

Absolutely! Your capsule is designed with your own photos. Stock photography is available upon request.

It’s simple. Go ahead and buy The Instagram Capsule and following your purchase, we will reach out via email to organize our in take call.

The Instagram Capsule

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