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One Perfect Design Concept

ONE Perfect Design

We work closely with our designers. We go through their business and processes with a fine tooth comb to uncover how they’ve been functioning and course correct before vision casting the future.

As the creative pilot of your business your vision is what your client is investing in. They’ve hired you for your unique style, professional creative ability & service to create something they cannot.

Chatting with designers in our classes last month, we discovered one reoccurring thing. 

Many of you are providing your clients with two ( sometimes three ) design concept options. What?!? Why?!?! OMG confusion. 

The confused mind doesn’t make a decision – so see this as another opportunity to serve your clients. Serve them by creating clarity for them, and provide them with one perfect design concept.

As the designer, you’ve taken the time to listen and understand your clients’ needs, you’ve studied the space and day dreamed of the glorious future space. Your design concept should BRING THE WOW. Every element you select brings your design to an elevated unforgettable beauty – now, let your client in on your love affair with their new space. Don’t forgot to show your passion!! 

” A true luxury is one thing done very well, not multiple lesser versions of it. ” – courtesy of Barneys New York.

Remember friends, you’re amazing!! And – no one other than you have your vision and your ability to bring beauty to life – be mindful of this when conceptualizing your One Perfect Design Concept!


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