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Social Media Services for Interior Designers

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Are you ready to bring more qualified leads to your interior design business? Without a steady stream of engaged and interested leads, your business will inevitably get stuck in a rut. With our Followers to Subscribers 1:1 program, you will be poised to secure future clients using a tailor-made roadmap that transforms followers into active community members.

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With the Followers to Subscribers 1:1 program, you’ll work one-on-one with Wendy (and the rest of the IDMC team!) to create a promotional offer and presentation plan designed to bring more qualified leads to your email list. After 30 days, you’ll walk away with a professionally written and designed lead magnet, email sequence, and social media assets — everything you need to turn your followers into leads that are ready and waiting to hear about everything you have to offer.

Followers to Subscribers

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step one

Book your Complimentary Clarity Call with Wendy and explore how Followers To Subscribers can improve your business.

step two

Meet with Wendy over three 1-on-1 sessions to nail-down your ideal client – and the IDMC team creates a publish-ready promotional offer and welcome sequence for your followers to subscribers red carpet experience.

step three

After 30 days, you’ll have all the assets in hand to present your new promotional offer to your audience and start growing your email list.

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what to expect from Followers to Subscribers



clarity on your ideal client

After working with us, you will have a new understanding of who you are right for and who’s right for you.



experience exponential growth

Our past clients have seen unparalleled growth — from growing their email lists to booking more consultations, and landing new clients.



nurture your community

We give you the opportunity to nurture the relationship with your community, turning your followers into future clients.

Money Making Offer Presentations

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Followers to Subscribers

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We work together for 30 days to focus on your business’s needs and create your custom promotional offer collateral. We then meet once more for a 30-day post-program chat to check in on your progress.

You will have three 1-on-1 sessions for 1 hour each with Wendy to set your goals for your promotional offer and email sequence, work through any edits and changes, and create your action plan for launching your promotional offer.

After your 30 days in the Followers to Subscribers 1:1 program, you will walk away with a custom written and designed promotional offer (think ebook, lead magnet, checklist, etc.), 3 email sequences that work together to promote your business, and social media graphics and captions to announce and support the release of your promotional offer.

Wendy Hicken @ Interior Design Master Class

it’s time to make a change

Are you ready to start leveraging the community you’ve worked to build? Are you ready to embrace marketing for the amazing changes it can bring to your business? Are you ready to transform your business’s marketing strategy and start celebrating every new project? Are you ready to have so many new leads you need a waitlist? Are you ready for a change?