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Voice Your Vision

work in harmony with your vision

Have you discovered the power of a strong vision and strategy for your business? When you approach every element of your business from a strategic vision, you will reach your goals faster, and more efficiently. Our signature Voice Your Vision 1:1 program helps you to unscramble your thoughts, create a cohesive vision for your brand, and take bold steps towards achieving your ambitious goals.

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Without a strong strategic vision in place, you’re losing money, opportunities, and your passion for business. With the Voice Your Vision program, you’ll work one-on-one with Wendy to push through those stumbling blocks, and reignite your passion! Together, you’ll unscramble ideas into a focused vision for your business and create a tailor-made action plan that moves your business along your desired trajectory.

Voice Your Vision

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step one

Book your Complimentary Clarity Call with Wendy and explore how Voice Your Vision can improve your business.

step two

Meet with Wendy for two 1-on-1 sessions over the course of 30 days where you drill down on your vision and goals.

step three

You begin to make real, impactful changes.

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Voice Your Vision

establish your focus

Your strategic vision will give you and your team the confidence to own every aspect of your business.


Voice Your Vision

elevate your purpose

Approach everything you do with a renewed sense of purpose and create the brand you’ve always dreamed of.


Voice Your Vision

your goals

With an accountability partner (us!) and a tailored action plan, you’re on a fast track to success.

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Voice Your Vision

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We work together for 30 days to create your strategic vision and deliver an action plan. We then meet once more for a 30-day post-program chat to check in on your progress.

You will have three 1-on-1 sessions for 1 hour each with Wendy to work through your vision, set your goals, and create your action plan.

On Zoom! In today’s day and age, we want to be as safe as possible and to be able to serve interior designers no matter where they are located.

Wendy Hicken @ Interior Design Master Class

it’s time to make a change

Are you ready to push past the barriers that have kept you from achieving your most lofty goals? Are you ready to establish a vision that will lead you and your team to success? Are you ready for a renewed sense of purpose, renewed motivation, and renewed focus, and the tools to harness the power of all three? Are you ready for a change?