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The 4-Part Welcome Email Sequence Your Business Needs

We don’t need to tell you how important email is to your business and your marketing efforts. It is the only marketing channel that you completely own — it isn’t dependent on third-party services. Instead, all you need is an email address and some thoughtful, well-written content.

This is why you’ll always hear us talking about email marketing and how to make it work for you and your business. It’s the best way to directly connect with your clients and potential clients, promote your business, and nurture browsers into buyers.

After working in marketing for 20+ years, we’ve seen time and time again that email is the most effective way to turn subscribers into buyers. 

But with all things in business, email marketing is always better with a bit of strategy behind it. Today, we’re sharing our tried and tested 4-part welcome email sequence 

Creating a welcoming set of emails is just as important as a value-packed lead magnet, and often it gets overlooked. Think of the Email Welcome Sequence as the red carpet you’re rolling out for your new subscriber. It is the best way to set expectations and demonstrate that you are a professional that knows what they are talking about right off the bat.

So what do these emails look like? Let’s dig into each one:

1. Deliver Lead Magnet 

People need a reason to join your email list — giving up your email address nowadays is going to cost you something. That’s where a free lead magnet comes into play. You create something that your ideal client can’t live without, and they will be more than willing to give you their email address in exchange for it. 

The first email in your sequence is going to be used to deliver that lead magnet. It should be the first thing in their inbox and the subject line should always make that clear. Try “Your free _____ enclosed” or “Here’s your copy of _____” or “Open up to get your _____”. 

This email is also a great opportunity to outline what you’ll be sharing in the next few emails — this kind of open honesty is going to further qualify your leads and also build trust with your audience.

2. Value & Rapport 

The second email is all about giving. 

People work with people they trust, and this is even more true in the interior design industry where clients are welcoming you into their homes. So taking the time to build that trust is integral to the process of finding and nurturing new leads. 

Use this email to teach them something you haven’t shared yet. It can be related to your lead magnet or simply related to what you do — as long as you are giving them valuable information for free, you are hitting the right mark.

My favorite way to do this is through a personal anecdote — sharing about yourself is one of the best ways to build trust and rapport! So when you come up with what you want to share, think about how you’ve used that tip or advice in the past.

3. Value & Offer 

In email 3, it’s time to introduce your new offer, but we don’t want to just sell, sell, sell. You should also be sharing something helpful to your audience — remember, you need to make it worth their time to open your email, or else there won’t be anyone to sell to. 

Surfacing their challenges and how your offer solves those issues for them is a great way to position your offer. Sharing an example of a past issue and solution is how you layer in the value.

4. Value & CTA

Here’s your chance to show them how you can solve their problems and make their lives better — and to turn them into a client! 

You should still be sharing helpful information that they can take away and put to use even if they aren’t ready to engage just yet. Remember, this isn’t the end of the road — it takes an average of 8 points of contact before most engage or purchase.

And there you have it — a 4-part welcome email sequence guaranteed to convert! 

Need help creating your lead magnet and welcome sequence? We’ve got you covered with our Followers To Subscribers 1:1 program. 

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