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Spreading Luxury

We have great NEWS!!! Q Design, a company that I advise and have helped grow their customer base is accepting new trade accounts.

Want one of the secrets to getting better clients?

Surround yourself with top notch trades, producers and suppliers. They go the extra mile and will always deliver a superior product and service. You provide a luxury service, and luxury has to seen and felt by your client through and through.

Q Design is drapery workroom that provides a full service. Why does this matter to you? It matters because they manage the process from check measure to installation; meaning you don’t need to allocate your time to this. Once you’ve selected the fabric and fabrication style, they do the rest. What’s more, your project is managed by a single person, responsible for navigating all facets, keeping it organize and error free + they’re always friendly so that’s breath of fresh air too!

Q Design Is Accepting NEW Trade Accounts

Many designers have told me they dislike doing drapery because there’s too much room for error involved so I’m really excited about sharing this with you. What pulls at me more, is why Q Design started their service in the first place. See, they were amazed at what people were accepting for drapery quality and they wanted to spearhead a change. Super charged with a desire to raise the bar for drapery, they lead with superior service. When we started working together, we crafted their promise of Perfect Drapery Every Time because nothing else is acceptable. They’ve been working with designers for years before we started working together but what made our relationship thrive is the refinement of the designer they serve. If you believe that the quality of the service you give your clients extends to the trades and suppliers you work with, then, Q Design needs to be on your preferred supplier list.

Now, looking for a drapery workroom that will deliver a PERFECT product, superior service and be pleasure to work with? Take a moment to register as a trade account and browse their website.

Laura Stein Interiors for Q Design

” We love working with Q. Design. They are professional, organized, always friendly, and wonderfully easy to work with. They take care of the entire process from check measure through installation and are truly experts in their field. They collaborate on new and innovative ideas, provide expertise and guidance where needed, and always follow through to address any concerns. Most importantly, they make our clients happy. Their meticulous attention to detail shines through on everything they do. From drapery to pillows to bedding, their work for us has been consistently beautiful.”  xo, Laura Stein | Laura Stein Interiors

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