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Purposeful Marketing for Small Business



Purpose-Driven Marketing for Small Business is a Masterclass for small business owners who want to carve out their unique positioning in today’s always-on, always-connected world.

In today’s noisy market, success in purpose-driven marketing requires you to look internally and use that lens as your purposeful marketing compass. It’s a sure-fire way to lead authentically and intentionally in a way that brings benefit to everyone involved. What that means is it’s important that we discover who we are, who we serve, our unique lane and position ourselves so we are incomparable with others in our niche.

Notice what I haven’t mentioned? There’s no word of a tool or strategy yet. And that’s because without self-discovery and claiming your impact any marketing strategy will fall flat. Positioning takes the driver seat to strategy because without purposeful positioning you can’t have purposeful marketing. Case in point > if it feels like you’re putting all this work out there and you aren’t really resonating with your dream clients, chances are, you’re not crystal clear on who you are, who they are and the lane you’re in.

What you’ll learn;

  • The right mindset for opportunities to unfold
  • What a Customer Lifecycle is and why it’s important
  • The right Marketing tactics aligned to the Customer Lifecycle
  • What’s working in marketing in 2019

What you’ll walk away with;

  • A roadmap of where to start with your own purposeful marketing strategy
  • A visual strategy that every small business should use in their marketing
  • A marketing process every small business should have regardless of the industry they’re in or service and/or product they provide
  • 5 must-have strategies every small business should be using to drive purpose-driven marketing today



Tuesday, August 13th

10:00 am to 12:00 pm

This class will be LIVE in the Improve Canada business centre. 


About Interior Design Master Class

We influence, empower and support interior designer business owners with high impact leadership mindset and business acumen so they stand confidently in their business. Business-minded interior designers who are ready for deeper fulfillment is our core client. We do this through Classes, Conferences, Community, and Coaching. We also participate in a number Speaking Engagements each year within our studio office and through brands within the design industry.

The Long View. IDMC will continue to build up this industry as a respected Professional Services service offering via Professional Development for Interior Designers.

About Wendy Hicken

Wendy is the brainchild behind Interior Design Master Class. She helps interior designers get laser-focused on the business they want; helping them build creative freedom in their business DNA, get organized, embrace joy and increase profitability. She believes that when we live more out of intention we stay in driver’s seat of our life, and with a healthy cocktail of vision casting, action and cheerleading she motivates as much as she cracks the whip.


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