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Project Timeline for Interior Designers



Our Project Timeline is for interior designers who want better project visibility for better communication with their clients.

Remember the first step to serving your client with an elevated unforgettable experience is to start by holding yourself and your team accountable for providing that experience. 

This Project Timeline is the Design Implementation Process at the micro level. Broken out by phase and by task against the weeks of the year everyone will know what to expect when to expect it and who’s responsible for completing it. When filled in, it will give you visibility on the project as well as the long view for onboarding a new project.

When we make every effort to give the red-carpet treatment to our clients, referrals to other A-list clients shouldn’t be too far behind. Getting known as superstar interior design professional service provider starts from the inside. We trust this Project Timeline will help you navigate the journey to the finish line in a more straightforward way.


Photography by Angelina Aristodemo Photography

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We’re fire starters for interior designers who want to shift from designer to CEO. Join us for interior designer business classes, consulting and coaching that will help you get laser-focused on the business you want. Build creative freedom into your business DNA, get organized and increase your profitability.

About Wendy Hicken

Wendy is the brainchild behind Interior Design Master Class. She helps interior designers get laser-focused on the business they want; helping them build creative freedom in their business DNA, get organized, embrace joy and increase profitability. She believes that when we live more out of intention we stay in driver’s seat of our life, and with a healthy cocktail of vision casting, action and cheerleading she motivates as much as she cracks the whip.

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