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Mini Intensive One on One



Mini-Intensive One on One for Interior Designers 

It’s time to remove the roadblocks. All too often many of we struggle with the “how” of things.

How to include the “right” wow factors into your business model. How to attract the right client. How to move from a generic style to a curated style. How to create the right process so my client feels like they’re getting an exceptional unforgettable experience. How to produce copy for your website that feels authentically you. How to move from hourly based fees to value-based fees. How to get more done without working more. How to develop clarity about where you’re going. How to get your prospective clients to say “YES”. How to transfer from an average client to an elite client. How to change the perception that you’re this to that. How to put yourself out there without it feeling sales-y.

Every superstar can get stuck in “survival mode”, feel overwhelmed by a million things to do and perhaps conflicting messages with what to focus on today. The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.

This 90 minute one on one Intensive will change things for you and is completely tailored to you. It’s designed to have a dialogue, work through the issue and provide you with direction.

So where do you go? 

Wendy is known for her ability to quickly hone in — with her signature power, heart, smarts, and purpose — on the exact actions you need to take to remove the obstacles and get back on your path.

Just a few of the women in business who have chosen to work with Wendy recently.

“I needed a fresh perspective on marketing and sales, and in this 90 minutes I got clarity, direction plus documents that support the strategy. She took the guess work out of what I need to do and gave me ideas for how to articulate messages to my clients. Wendy has this extraordinary ability to see an elevated version of you and has the ability to put into words what you’re thinking. Not only can she see it but her excitement makes you feel it and believe it’s possible. I’m excited to take action immediately and I’m armed with new confidence to play this game called business.”

Kim Giancaterino, Principal Designer, Kim Giancaterino Interiors

“I feel honored that you highlighted my review, Wendy. Everyday I thank my lucky stars that you came into my life and helped me put my business on the right path. I could not have done it without you! I encourage all your potential clients to take the pludge and do the hard work thats ahead of them. The investment and effort will greatly benefit them, guaranteed. So grateful for your influence!”

Orsi Panos, Principal Designer. Orsi Panos Interiors


Interior Design Master Class Studio

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About Interior Design Master Class

We’re fire starters for interior designers who want to shift from designer to CEO. Join us for interior designer business classes, consulting and coaching that will help you get laser-focused on the business you want. Build creative freedom into your business DNA, get organized and increase your profitability.

About Wendy Hicken

Wendy is the brainchild behind Interior Design Master Class. She helps interior designers get laser-focused on the business they want; helping them build creative freedom in their business DNA, get organized, embrace joy and increase profitability. She believes that when we live more out of intention we stay in driver’s seat of our life, and with a healthy cocktail of vision casting, action and cheerleading she motivates as much as she cracks the whip.


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