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Mastermind Group For Interior Designers (Intermediate)

$250.00 for the first month $250.00 / month thereafter


Join our Mastermind Group for Interior Designers / Intermediate 

Consider this Mastermind Group a league of interior design superheroes in the making and a no-nonsense support group.

The first of its kind for the interior design community, this Mastermind Group is lead by Wendy Hicken combines coaching with peer to peer coaching, making for an enormously powerful combination. We’re so excited to bring it to you!!

Here’s what included;

  • Monthly 90-minute Mastermind meeting

  • Hot-Seat Roundtable, where you share an obstacle, an opportunity with the group and together we work through solutions

  • Regular Guest Speakers from different industries
  • Private WhatsApp group to enable continued dialogue between months

  • Bonus content and opportunities to collaborate with industry brands

Here’s another PLUS for you. For those moments when you need an expert opinion STAT. We’re only a telephone call or email away. If we can’t talk immediately, the call will happen within 24 hours. Feel free to put us on speed dial. We’re here for you!!

We’ll ask all members to fill in a confidentiality agreement upon joining.

One more thing.

Yes, there’s a financial commitment of $250 / month, but there’s a time commitment that’s not to be taken lightly. Meetings are just one part of this commitment, the other part is you following through on your actions every month. Membership is not for everyone. You have to be serious about building your business. We’re in this for the long haul and we hope you are too. We know from time to time you may require a break or will go on vacation, and in those situations, you’re welcome to put your membership on pause. Just tell us by the 15th of the previous month and consider it done. We reserve your spot until you get back.

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