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Headshot & Brand Style Photography Session



Headshot & Brand Style Photography Session


We love reminders, don’t you? We have one for you.

Brands that transcend really connect. Teams, clients and your audience, your engagement with them is key.

Today, where you have an opportunity to meet people earlier and faster than ever before, you need to consider the rules of the game differently. They say we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but, the reality is, we all do. Those pretty little squares are part of your book, and it’s a way to target and usher your ideal client into our world. People want to feel connected to a brand and showing the face behind it is one way to develop a relationship because it adds a humanizing factor to the business. This is just one reason why it’s important for you to invest in a professional headshot.

While it would be ideal to grab a photo of you during a photo shoot day, we know photoshoot days often have you schlepping things around. That’s why we’re happy to share this with you!

We’re bringing together our photographer, makeup artist and yours truly to help you connect better.

We know how important it is for you to sprinkle in photos YOU on your website and on your social, and we’re throwing another element into the mix. Your brand is a fusion of you, your service, and detail elements that make up your total brand’s DNA. One of those detail elements is your signature style. Whatever your signature style we want to capture that too, so bring in your elements that articulate your style.

Here’s what is included in this package.

Professional Photography

Profile headshot and brand style photos. You’ll get; access to the photos from your session, professional editing on 4 headshots and brand style photos. You’ll have the chance for 2 outfit changes and ability to style still photos that showcase items from your brand style & palette.

Professional Makeup

30 minutes prior to your shoot, you’ll get makeup professionally applied

Professional Advice

Once your photos are returned, we’ll have an opportunity to discuss how to strategically use them

If you want to update your profile photos and have a few key brand photos to sprinkle in your social media feeds our Headshot & Brand Style Photography Session is ideal for you.


We know you’re in full tilt mode for the end of the year, so we’re making it really easy for you to buy today and do it later. We will reach out to you in the coming week to schedule a date with you.


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