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Instagram Capsule



The Instagram Capsule: publish-ready content to scale your audience while giving you the luxury of just posting because we do all the legwork.

Here’s what opens up for you with The Instagram Capsule

⇢ you will have a thoughtfully planned out grid for an attractive professional presence

⇢ you won’t have to look at a blinking cursor thinking “What should I write?”

⇢ you won’t have Instagram envy because you’ll have the coveted Instagram appearance

⇢ you will have time to focus on things you enjoy doing!


What is The Instagram Capsule you ask? It’s 36 pieces of content aesthetically organized and professionally written completely ready for you to use. 


First, we comb through your entire portfolio and hand-select the best photos and videos for a strong polished presence. Second, we write captions that mix storytelling with marketing strategy. Finally, we hand everything over to you in an easy-to-use document. From there you can upload everything into your favourite tool, or cut and paste into Instagram in real-time.


This is your invitation to ditch the “… just post something!” fly-by-the-seat-of-pants posting cadence in favor of a thoughtfully planned 12-week posting schedule. That’s 3 posts per week for 12 weeks or 2 posts per week for 18 weeks, you decide.


If you’ve ever wondered what outsourcing your Instagram would be like, this is a great way to experiment with it.


Ready to see how The Instagram Capsule gives you the luxury of just posting?


* We will reach out to schedule our in-take meeting following your purchase.


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