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Instagram Capsule



The Instagram Capsule is your thoughtfully curated content designed to strengthen the squares for improved awareness and engagement. This is for designers and retailers who want to be hands-off in creating content, but hands-on in posting content.

You want need a well-designed Instagram. One that beautifully showcases your work, and offerings, and connects you to your audience. So how amazing would it be to have design-savvy marketers create your Instagram feed?

Using our signature method, you will have a marketing strategy built directly into every square. We believe that strengthening the squares isn’t just about better presence with photography. It’s about cultivating a relationship with your audience – and that comes from a cocktail mix of presence and positioning through photos, videos, and captions. Intentional content matters.


⇢ you don’t have time to think about what to create

⇢ you want a fresh perspective for reaching new people

⇢ you want publish-ready content for a busy season or vacation time

⇢ you want to level up your Instagram presence



Discovery ⇢ Design ⇢ Delivery

The DISCOVERY phase allows us to deep dive into your goals, dream clients, and voice.

The DESIGN phase is when we have fun! This is where we create your exclusive Instagram Capsule.

The DELIVERY phase is where we provide your publish-ready content to you.


The Instagram Capsule is 36 pieces of content defined as a photo, video, and caption. Your Instagram Capsule is just that – yours. Content is exclusively created, styled, and written for you. Photos are designer-supplied. Stock photography is available.


* We will reach out to schedule our Discovery Meeting following your purchase.


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