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New Master Classes Are Here!!

4 Classes to SKYROCKET Your Interior Design Business by Interior Design Master Class

We’re so excited to release our four new master classes to YOU – our VIPS!

Earlier this week we asked ” How Can We Help You”. We received plenty of questions and turned many of those into classes for you. The release of these four classes is just the beginning of more ways we serve you. We’re excited to arm you with the know – how to ensure your business is thriving!

Mark your calendars and have a read at the course outlines below – registration opens Tuesday!!

We can’t wait to see you!


Our Pricing for Margin Master Class is a course on how to price your design services for profitability.

Cash flow is an important part of running a successful business, especially if you want to make a difference. Your ability to make an impact, create freedom for yourself and provide an amazing life for your family are likely a few of the reasons you started your business. Are we right? Without consistent cash flow, it can be very tough. You need a solution that channels reliably.

This class aims to do two things; shift your relationship with money, putting an end to seeing making money as a bad thing, and how to price for profit.

In this class, you’ll discover pricing models that put an end to trading your time for dollars, pricing margins + how to apply them and learn to resist the urge to discount. You’ll also receive the language to use to communicate this new pricing model to your opportunities.

We’ll answer…

  • How do I price when the job keeps changing?
  • How do I prevent changes to design concepts after it’s been agreed to?
  • How do I prepare for sticker shock?
  • How do I change my fee model for existing projects?

You’ll receive:

  • A Fee Model outline
  • A forecasting tool allowing you predict annual revenue
  • Printable worksheets

Our Design Concept Presentations That WOW Master Class is for designers that want “icon” status every time.

Beautifully designed interiors appreciate thoughtful design, quality and stem from your creative genius. Your design concept presentation is pinnacle in sharing your love affair with design with your client. It’s your chance to articulate and expose them to beauty beyond their awareness and introduce them to their future space.

What you’ll learn:

  • Preparation materials for the design concept presentation meeting
  • The step by step process in the conversation
  • How to channel the right mindset before every presentation
  • Best tools/apps to support your design concept



Set The Vision Of Success For Your Design Business And Learn How To Achieve It With Our Vision & Leveling Up Master Class

You can’t achieve something you can’t see. We’ll ensure you know how to filter and segment your aesthetic to set the model for your business. Your style is unique and exclusive to you. Your clients are investing in the style only you can provide so nailing your aesthetic is fundamental. This class will be theory and workshop format.

You’ll learn…

  • Why defining your style is vital in growing your business
  • What questions to ask yourself to help define your design aesthetic
  • Common design positions, myths and misconceptions
  • How to transition from your current aesthetic to your ideal design aesthetic
  • The relationship between your personal brand and design brand

You’ll receive…

  • An audit of your website
  • Personal brand and design brand cheat sheet
  • Straight talk about your design aesthetic vision board 2 weeks post class


Get Your Ideal Clients Every Time With Our Sales Strategy Success Master Class

Landing clients that are in sync with your business values and design aesthetic is fail proof for more joy.  Are we right?

We can’t talk about sales without addressing marketing. Knowing who your ideal client is critical to marketing leading sales.

You’ll learn:

  • Questions to ask yourself to help zero in on your ideal client
  • How to ensure clients come to you presold
  • A sales strategy that positions full service design
  • Qualifying questions to ask every sales opportunity
  • A passive revenue stream every designer can implement
  • How to seriously boost your confidence in onboarding new clients
  • How to present your service in a way that feels irresistible without feeling salesy

You’ll receive…

  • A done for you sale process
  • Qualifying questions cheat sheet

Don’t take our word for it… here’s what a few of our designers had to say!

Interior Design Master Class Praise

Interior Design Master Class Praise

Interior Design Master Class Praise


4 Classes to SKYROCKET Your Interior Design Business by Interior Design Master Class

4 Classes to SKYROCKET Your Interior Design Business by Interior Design Master Class 2


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The Comments

  • Kelly
    February 20, 2017

    Are any of these classes offered online as well?

    • Blair Hicken
      February 20, 2017

      Hi Kelly,
      Yes, we are offering these classes online as well as in our new Studio location. We hope you will join us online or in person.