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Marketing In This New Reality

In uncertain times it’s easy to get swallowed up in overwhelm. The tendency for most of us is to freeze, and it’s completely understandable. I’ve had waves of it come over me too, and then I think of you. I want to continue to cheer you on and support you, and that means showing up for you today during this Coronavirus pandemic, just as we did 2 weeks or 2 years ago. 

I’m sharing this because I hope to inspire you to do the same with your own community. 

Show up for them.

Here are 4 tips for marketing during this new reality.

Market You. It’s a great time to ramp up on content that shows you being human. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s those conversation starters I mentioned last year, and I suggested documenting by way of photography or video (via The Modern Marketing Method). In summary, it’s your passion outside of work, those hobbies you enjoy in your personal time… start sharing those personal elements about you as a way to connect with people more personally. Sprinkle these photos, video and copy into your business orbit so there’s a personal thread mixed into your professional brand.

Have a favorite dish that’s healthy and can be easily stored for future use

favorite kids treat that every mom of toddlers should know about

– a favorite book everyone should read

– a solid morning routine every working mom should adopt

– a favorite collection of travel memorabilia that describes your love of travel

– a favorite style tip for your coffee table/bedside table/ bookshelves

I’m sure there are many things you enjoy… now is the time to share your whole light in an effort to connect with people. Human to human.

Imagine attracting your next client by way of your shared interest in; cooking, travel, books, etc? It can totally happen.

Ramp up your communication. Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your old and prospective clients. We believe it’s so important we hosted a Free Email Marketing Masterclass a couple of weeks ago. We hit record 🎥 on the class, so if you would like to watch it instead of favorite Netflix show just share your email and we’ll send it along. 💌

Refresh your website and sharing on social should no longer be nice-to-have, but rather a must-have. Online browsing has surged by between 50% and 70% according to a Forbes article, so go ahead and ensure your home online is fresh and accurate given who you want to attract.

Hone in on your positioning. Take a closer look at who you’re working with and who you want to work with. How you help them achieve what their after is important right now.  It’s important your messaging puts you in a position of trust and authority, and everything from your website to social media channels backs ups how and why you’re perfect for them.

Go ahead and create content for your audience like it’s showering content. Bulk up so when IRL starts up again, your momentum continues!

I hope you find it all helpful. Whatever you decide to action… go ahead and share your light. Provide hope. And, SHOW UP. 

Stay healthy friends.

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