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Living Leadership As A Creative

In my experience, the common predictor for successful women business owners is a strong ambition and gumption to take action. This commitment to building a business that’s both profitable and joy-filled requires a focus on living leadership skills. However, this is something many women have trouble visualizing. 

Here are some important examples to help you see what Living Leadership As A Creative looks like. 

Share Your Vision

You need clarity about your vision, combined with the courage to share it out loud. When you take time to share your vision with colleagues, family, and friends, you invite space where your vision can unfold organically. Although it’s a huge demonstration of vulnerability, it is very inspiring to those around you. 

Share the Workload

You’ve come this far alone, so the concept of inviting others into your business may be hard to wrap your head around. However, hiring help to meet project timelines or pick up the slack to ensure the quality of work isn’t jeopardized is very important to your success. Remember, it is your skills as a designer and business owner that got you this far. When you are unable to deliver the trademark creativity and service that helped build your business, you could negatively impact your reputation.

Make the commitment to yourself to set the groundwork for your standard of excellence and use that as your launchpad to effectively delegate work and possibly more responsibility to your growing team. This new perspective can teach you how to ramp up your business effectively. 

High-Value Work

Scheduling time in your calendar for high-value work is the only way to ensure you meet the needs of your business. A strict, non-negotiable rule surrounding this time will allow you to remain focused on these crucial time slots. You will have time allotted to do your most meaningful work regardless of what else is happening. 

Cultivate Your Creative

Intentionally carving out opportunities to nurture your creativity for pleasure is paramount to living leadership as a creative. Actively practicing this through your decisions demonstrates your commitment to evolving and is symbolic of you leading by example. Proactively encouraging others to do this is your testament to living creatively – and it may be the very thing that empowers others to do the same for themselves.

Refuel and Restore

As you learn to live leadership effectively, you will free up more time for yourself. Allowing time for rest provides mental space not only to refuel and restore your mind but also for the next fierce focus required for your creative projects. 


Building self-awareness allows you to identify distractions getting in the way of pursuing your vision and the courage to act accordingly. This mindful approach to living keeps you focused on the moment so that you can remove distractions and carry on. 

Unapologetic Confidence

Unapologetic confidence propels you to create or build your best business as your personal asset to your best life. Don’t be ashamed or afraid of your boldness and belief in yourself and your business. You need that confidence to do your best work every day and to drive you forward. 

Unapologetic confidence propels you to create and build your best business as your personal asset to your best life.

– Wendy Hicken

Our VIP Intensive

The VIP Intensive allows you to start making decisions and raise the bar on how you invest in yourself. With the mindset and business direction that you’ll create in this intense 1 on 1, you’ll have the tools you need to achieve your desired lifestyle and business goals. 

The VIP Intensive provides you with the gumption to know what the next level will look like for you so that you can clear a path to ramp up your business. With tangible steps to follow, you can increase revenue with a fresh vision that lets you be the best possible you, with new-found inspiration for your creativity.

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