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Little Known Ways To Get Comfortable With Sales

I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want when I’m dealing with someone is to feel like I’m being sold to. It has such a 1950s used car salesperson vibe to it that I get turned off. 

But I’m being sold to all the time—we all are! As small business owners, it’s likely sales is one of the hats we’ll be wearing for a while so it’s important we find our peace with it. Whether selling comes naturally or not, it’s likely you’re searching for a way to sell your services without being seen as sales-y.

Here are a few tips to help you increase your comfort level with sales.

Define your ideal client

Your sales process starts well before a prospective client reaches out to you. Before you start positioning anything know who you’re trying to attract. Understanding your preferred client sweet spot will help you build in focus, and conversely should help you establish blinders to everything else. 

Lay the right foundation

Your website is a big part of that foundation. Creating a beautiful website showcasing spaces that are influential in creating moments of delight for your clients is something you should be proud to showcase to world. While you likely made an impact with many people over time, be intentional about what you showcase on your website because it’s the hook to your future prospective client. You’ll want to be sure it’s aligned to what you define as your current & future ideal client. 

Allow your website to do some of the heavy lifting

It might seem strange at first, but optimizing your home on the web is a great way to be seen as an expert in your niche. Use your blog to answer common design dilemmas or frequently asked questions about your creative or implementation process. Use a section of your site to spotlight some of the reasons why you’re different and what your brand stands for. Feel free to show potential clients some of the logistics required in creating a well-designed space – it will help increase their respect for your process. And lastly, encourage your on-lookers to take the next step by inviting them to a discovery call, and signing up for your newsletter.

Get clear on your message

Getting really clear on the benefits of working with you should have center stage when writing to your niche. Your approach to getting clients should start with an understanding of your client’s end goals, the way they want to feel in their space – and who they want to partner with for making it happen. If you’re struggling to focus in on those end benefits, use this advice, courtesy of a copywriting technique: “To get to the bottom of each feature’s true benefit, keep asking the question ‘What does this mean for your prospect on an emotional level?”

I hope you found these tips helpful and I can’t wait to see you put them into play for your business. 

And lastly, if you’re still struggling with the uncomfortableness of sales, let’s set up a time to chat and I can help you build a repeatable sales framework that feels natural… and works!

Keep well.


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