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Instagram Content for Interior Designers

We get asked all the time – “What should I share on Instagram?”

Instagram is gaining popularity in interior design as medium for your brand to come alive. Gone are the days where your brand is your logo and website. Today your brand is everything from these pretty little squares, to your aesthetic, to your service and everything inbetween. Having a strategy that marries you and your business together should underpin your presence online.

More than just eye candy; your instagram feed is a living lookbook that allows you to connect with more people – preferably your ideal people!

Take a moment to think about what things you often chat about with a colleague over coffee? Design projects you have on the go, your clients, your dog – whatever it may be – that’s where you’ll find a few topics for your instagram feed. Just as you pop in and out of conversations with family and friends – is it the same for the conversation with your friends on Instagram. Jot down topics you often share about your life and business with friends and capture those in photos. Then, toggle between the topics! Be mindful your not always talking about and posting about the same thing; show your depth and share what makes your unique. The most important element is that you’re building a connection and you’re keeping it close to your heart.

Share what you find beautiful.

For example. Textures, patterns, wallpapers, stitching, metals, woods, embroidery – what your appreciation of beauty look like? Pull it together in a single collection just as you would a design concept and snap a photo!! It doesn’t need to be a real client, it can just be something that’s pulling on your beauty strings right now.

Surely you have fave showrooms with ample of beautiful elements… go there! Conveniently Q Design is right next door and Switch Studio nearby. Within an hour we popped in to both studios, borrow a few samples and curated two separate design palettes. Set in front of natural light, leveling of the iphone and a steady hand we had the snapped a few photos. Voila! There we had it, instagram content! It’s that easy.

Instagram Content for Designers via Interior Design Master Class 1

Just as you are the storyteller for your clients space – be the storyteller for your speciality.

Set aside some time to pop into your favourite showrooms or use loose samples you have in your studio. Pull together a concept with all the samples – something like you would include in a presentation to a client. Your followers need to see beauty through your eyes – show them!

Make it easier for yourself, set aside an hour to curate and shoot a few different concepts. Save the photos on your camera roll for when you don’t have any in-the-moment content to share. This ensures you always have photos – and you’re always providing content that cultivates your taste and personality.

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