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How To Style Your Brand

Something happened.

I said “Thank you!… Thanks for inviting me to be a part of today” to my super talented designer friend that said I MUST be at the her photoshoot.

I went on to say that “this isn’t my strength, me styling?!?” and she said, “that’s where I beg to differ. We’ve been working on my vision board together for months, it only make sense you’re here with me, you know exactly what I’m after and you have trained eye… it’s so MARKETING!!”

How TO Style Your Brand by Interior Design Master Class

You know, she was absolutely right. And to my delight, it led me to realize how I can add more value to you PLUS I had so much fun!!

While your individual vision boards differ, here’s a link to the SHOTLIST pin board where I’ve developing my own eye for captivating photography. Don’t let these photos gloss over the importance of my note to you.

If you don’t have a vision board – create one.

You must design your business perfectly for the results you want.

And, step 1 >> VISUALIZE IT. Because something truly magical happens when you turn thoughts into a vivid vision. You get in the driver’s seat. Your vision board is where you bring your desired future into focus. It’s starts your force of attraction.

Composing your design brand is equal parts style, experience and message – see your vision board as your universal pull of what you attract to you. Start with your vision then, style, be and voice your brand accordingly. Style your brand through and through.

Ask yourself. Is what you’re attracting harmonious with your vision?

Let me know in the comments. Be sure to link up your vision board in the comments – or add me to your private board on Pinterest. Let’s start the ripple effect of abundance for you.

With love,


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