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How to Move Forward During Uncertainty

No one has a crystal ball and we don’t know how long these crazy times are going to last, so I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, this disruption to your business is going to sting.  

Now I’m going to share something crazy… maybe it’s because I’m a rose-colored glasses kind of gal, or perhaps because I’m a Gemini or maybe it’s because I’m 43.  Whatever the case, here are 7 words that keep surfacing for me: Innovation. Optimism. Ingenuity.  Expansion. Resilient. Opportunity. Human. And, a couple of weeks ago they got the spotlight here and there via our daily online Community Calls (continuing all this month too!), Mastermind Groups, Masterclass and even on our Friday Insta-Live session.

Let these words dance around in your mind and see where your mind drifts to.  You might be surprised by what you come up with.

If you need a nudge to help you wander, try grounding your words in these 4 questions so you can begin to move forward during uncertainty.

What can I say or do to help people right now? Human.

What do my clients need from me right now? Ingenuity.

What am I uniquely positioned to offer to help people right now? Innovation.

What’s one thing I can do right now that my business will benefit from longterm? Resilient.

I would love for you to lean into these words and questions and simply get curious. It’s going to look different for everyone.

Sidenote. There’s a lot of advice being offered by online educators right now. And, while it’s a great time to learn something new, try not to let it add to the overwhelm. Protect your headspace. Protect your emotional health. A designer on one of our online Community Calls this week said she left a free class feeling anxious because the educator put the fear of “online or nothing” in the air.  This is not okay. There are many options. Please don’t get disillusioned by someone’s pitch.

I hope the responses to these questions help you move forward. Whatever you decide to action… go ahead and share your light. Provide hope. And, SHOW UP. 

Stay healthy friends.

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