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Get Comfortable With Uncomfortable.

These days’ quotes are in front of us more than ever given social media. A double tap in an endless scroll suggests we’re at the risk of being numb to them. Am I right? Sadly, this also suggests we’re not really absorbing their meaning.

“Great things never came from comfort zones.”

This quote, however, I’m hard-wired for. I believe this nugget lives on because it holds true regardless of the season we’re in. I also appreciate the underlying notion of moving forward.

Recently I gave one of my private clients the reminder to “get comfortable with the feeling of being uncomfortable” as she starts on something new. If you soak up books like I do, you know that this is primitive for business success.

I wanted to explore this more so naturally, I picked up a new book. I’m currently reading The Beauty of Discomfort, by Amanda Lang. Here’s an excerpt.

“Here’s the thing: truly successful people don’t merely tolerate discomfort – they embrace it, seeking it out again and again. And their comfort with discomfort is what makes them so good at change. They seem to experience discomfort as a positive rather than a negative force, and they find a way to use it motivate themselves to achieve.”  

Anyone else saying, “YES!!!” Let’s explore.

Often our natural state is to embrace comfort and security. Yet the truth is, that’s when we sabotage our possibility of a deeper fulfillment.

If we forecast a longer view, our journey of success thrives on imagination, problem-solving, and experiences we’re exposed to in the face of unfamiliar, unexplored, and uncomfortable. As kids we explored everything; uncomfortable and fear was a far thought and yet, as adults we don’t tap into this enough. We need to channel this again.

I think the benefits of embracing the relationship we have with the feeling of discomfort far outweighs staying in our comfort zone. Yes, it’s unnerving – but it’s also invigorating and fuels our energy so sign me up! Who’s with me?

I intend to write a book review of this book once I’m done, but for right now, I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Let’s take the conversation over to Instagram.

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Get Comfortable With Uncomfortable by Interior Design Master Class

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