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DXV American Standard For Our Design Project

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you know that yours truly bought a new house a few months back. And, you also already know the #HickenHouseReno is happening with the magic of Meredith. Yes, that Meredith. If you want to watch the progress of our house being transformed follow the #PennDr hashtag.

We’re still in demo mode, but we can certainly start thinking about the finished spaces. We’re excited about seeing finished spaces that will include amazing products of DXV American Standard. We’ve spent the last couple of weeks browsing their website, and oh, we can’t wait!

We were introduced to DXV American Standard by Meredith about a year ago with our first eye candy by Meredith for the DXV Design Panel.

DXV Design Panel Bathroom Designed by Meredith Heron

DXV Design Panel Shower Designed by Meredith Heron

Here’s where we’ll be taking the powder room for #PennDr. It will be spectacular.

Powder Room Designed by Meredith Heron

Can’t wait for DXV products to arrive!!

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