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Coffee Table Books We Love

Coffee Table Book We Look by Interior Design Master Class

Coffee table books. I think we can all agree they are a bit of an obsession.

We often talk about how styling is an extension of your design aesthetic. We suggest sticking to quality coffee table books and accessories that will translate beauty in your photographs. Invest in books that relate to your style and design philosophy. Keep them at arm’s reach to further your study of design – and remember, they double as props for styling your photoshoots.

Here’s our top six favorite coffee table books. We would love it hear what your faves are.

Thomas Pheasant – Simply Serene | Nancy Braithwaite – Simplicity | Victoria Hagan – Interior Portraits | Diane Dorrans Saeks – Jean Louis Deniot Interiors | Francesco Clemente – Giambattista Valli | Suzanne Kasler – Timeless Style: Timeless Interiors

Coffee Table Books We Love via Interior Design Master Class

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