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Meredith Heron Collection x IDMC

the brief

Meredith Heron Collection is a long-time partner of IDMC. They came to us because they were tired of getting bogged down in the minutia of marketing. They wanted a team of experts who could take over their marketing efforts while still understanding the design industry and speaking within the “elevated luxury” brand voice they had developed over the years. We create quarterly marketing plans that work against our overarching marketing strategy, develop all of the marketing assets needed, and execute against our plans each month.


Meredith Heron Collection




Full Service Marketing

design direction:

luxurious + modern

the results


20+ monthly opt-ins 

sign ups

3+ monthly trade members


2 rugs sold every month

“Being able to hand over the reins of all our marketing to Wendy and her team has really changed our business for the better. Having a team who knows the industry AND marketing means I can focus on other parts of my business while knowing our marketing brings in new clients.” 

— Meredith Heron

the portfolio

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Are you ready to have a marketing plan backed by strategy? Are you ready to have a team of experts in your corner? Are you ready to have a trusted partner take on your marketing from strategy to creation to implementation and beyond? Then it’s time to book your free Clarity Call!

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