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Be our VIP!

If you’ve ever been to one of our IDMC events you know that we have “real & honest” conversations about business with our guests, especially with our keynote speaker Meredith Heron.

There’s been a pattern in many of these conversations around the idea that;

“Well, she has a coach and she knows people.”

The reality is, while she does have a coach and she does know people, it’s the priority to invest in herself and take big actions that’s evolved her interior design business into a 7 figure business.

While her Authenticity key note will centre on achieving genuine growth as a designer, we’re giving you an opportunity to take it one step further.

We personally invite you to our exclusive VIP experience. 

This new offering came through conversations with you – and here’s where “real & honest” gets personal. If your head is spinning with how to elevate your client profilehow to stop leaving money on the table and how to market your business like a pro then let us help streamline your effort. This is your springboard to your personal coach – x2!

Our combined 40 years in business with an open dialogue with business owners gives us tremendous insight into successful businesses. Underpins in sales, marketing, operations and channels to nurture your creative – you’ll be surprised to know that where people go wrong in their business is often linked to the same 2 or 3 things. When you’re too close to your business it’s often difficult to pin point the faulty wire, that’s where this VIP experience can help.

From brand visibility, project fee structure and marketing both yourself & your business, Meredith and I will provide you with a personalized action plan to see BIG change. After your ticket purchase, we will audit your website and social media channels and come to this VIP session loaded with individualized suggestions. This is a VIP experience unlike any other and you will be assigned homework to ensure its success! In addition to providing us with a link to your website and all of your social media channels (Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Houzz), we ask that you bring your project proposals, contracts and a sample of your client presentation mediums to this session. We’ll use our face time to dive deep into your goals, actions and the workings of your business. By the end of the session, you’ll have an action list that will deliver change. Here’s the thing though, you need to drive the change to ensure the results. Our mindset within the framework of #thehustleplan will transform your thinking and put you in the driver seat of your brand growth – but you need to put the car in gear and hit the accelerator.

You are looking at an open road. Are you ready to drive?

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