Hey there, I’m Wendy Hicken.

I gave up glorifying busy a long time ago and now I love to coach and teach interior designers to do the same thing. When we’re intentional with what we say yes to friends, it’ll blow your mind. When we live more out of intention we stay in driver’s seat of our one life. It’s magical, let me tell you. This is exactly what I want for you, joy and profits.

My favourite colour is navy. And, while I get bored quickly navy has held my fave colour for years now – so much so that my lower kitchen cabinets are navy. LOVE! If you’re ever over, you’ll also realize I’m a bit of a neat freak. Chachkies have no place.

So there. Cats out of the bag. I love this thing I call work. While most are infatuated by the success destination, I appreciate the journey also. That’s where I had my AHA moment. I realized that more than anything, I was being called to help designers optimize the gap in their own road to success. Coaching, teaching and community seems like the perfect mix for me. The single best feeling for me is when my clients start to see and feel different – see more intentional results. Goosebumps. Sounds lame, but I’m so happy for their success.

Thanks for stopping by our home on the web. I’m thrilled for our journey ahead.



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“There’s a certain energy that comes from sharing my knowledge with audiences. I love offering learning
in actionable chunks so audiences feel empowered to make a bigger impact.”
– Wendy Hicken, Interior Design Master Class CEO

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