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6 Ways To Be More Confident

Visualize the best outcome.

Build yourself up! Make it a point of reminding yourself about your essence. Consider how you want to feel and how you want others to feel while in your company.

Dress for success.

Dress your body with whatever makes you feel like you’re showing up for yourself. For some, that’s a power suit, for others it’s hair and makeup; and others it’s a great bag and heels. Do what works for you!

Pay attention to your body language.

Stand tall. Your posture, your gestures, and generally the way you hold your body. Make sure that you’re standing tall for yourself. Avoid “closed” body language, such as crossed arms. Show your engagement by leaning forward and try to be relaxed. Always try to maintain a comfortable level of eye contact. Avoid looking away or at the ground.

Consider your language.

Some of us struggle to articulate ourselves clearly. Try to eliminate the “ums” and “hmms” to eliminate any sense of hesitation. If you struggle with words, rehearse possible scenarios beforehand so you know where you will take the conversation. Finally, speak at a pace that’s easily absorbed. Excitement tends to speed up our pace, and while it’s wonderful to show our passion be mindful it doesn’t read as immaturity.

Pay attention to your tone of voice.

Your tone of voice is just as important as your choice of words. Try to keep a steady volume and speaking directly. Try to avoid your voice from dropping especially if you are uncertain about something. A surefire way to keep your voice steady is speaking as though your smiling.

Grow yourself.

Personal growth propels business growth. In order to have a life that fuels your vision and values, you must first know what they are. In order to magnify this, you must step in into a new story – and become the you that commands greater prosperity and carries it with heart, smarts, and purpose. To grow your business, you must first grow yourself.


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