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4 Tips To Becoming Your Most Confident Self

Okay, let’s be honest, who’s feeling a little shaky or unsure of yourself in your business? If you said “not at all”, then please share your secret with me! But for the majority of us, business looks a little different thanks to COVID and our confidence may have taken a hit too.

Did you know it’s actually a proven fact that successful women, in particular, tend to feel like they don’t deserve the success that they’ve earned? They feel like frauds who are about to get “unmasked” or discovered to be inept at any moment. They become convinced that they got where they are in their careers due to luck instead of skill or aptitude.

I know a few business owners who also struggle with these feelings—from time to time I’ve even dealt with them myself. 

From here on out, I want us to be full of ourselves. Not in an egotistical kind of way, but in an “I got this!” kind of way. I want us to banish that voice in our head that keeps us doubting ourselves, holds us back from reaching our full potential, and keeps us from being the best we can possibly be. Because the only success marker that’s important is the one we set for ourselves. Because the only comparison that matters is the one to our own progress. 

Hit reply to this email and tell me how you’re feeling about this.

While it’s all well and good to say we should stop with the self-doubt, putting it into practice can be a bit more tricky. So I’ve put together 4 actionable tips to help you be your own biggest cheerleader—because if not you, who? Okay, it’s me, but it has to start with you!

🌿 Frame your story. Shift thoughts of apprehension to thankfulness. Think about how you would sum up your expertise when people ask you about it. Take the time to really develop your positioning by way of what you’ve given and enabled for your clients. This approach tricks you in thinking you’re talking about your clients, yet you’re elaborating on the unique benefits of your talent and your business. 

🌿 See yourself through your clients’ eyes. Your clients see you as an expert. Channel that as you move forward. Most business owners establish a bar of excellence based on what they would expect if they hire themselves for that talent and service. Keep being exceptional, and remember your victories – they were not accidents.

🌿 Practice your way to best. Get in your training hours. Everything from talking to doing. Practice. Perform. Measure. And while you’re practicing, keep in mind visualization of your best performance is a notable practice in of itself. Playout the story with your desired ending, and you’ll feel your confidence grow.

🌿 Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Over-the-top energy isn’t necessary, especially if that vibe doesn’t feel genuine to you. Quiet confidence can be just as effective, and a touch of vulnerability can go a long way toward connecting with your clients.

Put these four tips into action, and I am sure you’ll start to see a difference! 

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