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4 Simple Steps for Planning a Strong Month for Your Interior Design Business

As you grow your business, there are a few key things you need to be mindful of as a new month approaches.

Having a strong month begins with planning for one, and the benefit is that your team will follow your example more than your advice, so leading by example is especially important. Here are a few simple steps for planning a strong month.

Choose Your Focus

Although this may seem simple enough it usually isn’t. Between business work and client work, there’s a lot swirling around in your head. Thinking you’re going to tackling it all is a recipe for disaster not to mention burnout.

When choosing what to focus consider how it advances you towards company goals and impacts the other projects calling for your attention. Flow outperforms force every time to keep your eyes on the big picture and try to line up projects that complement each other.

Map Out Outcomes

Taking time to map out a few of the desired outcomes you intend to see and realize is important when you’re in the zone of choosing your focus. Planning this ahead of time gives your thoughts a place to rest in your off-hours and you’ll find it will save you the mental energy that surrounds doing the work. This also gives you space to jot down performance markers so you have visibility on smaller milestones.

Tell Your Team

Communicating the focus with your team is the only way to loop everyone in and get everyone involved. Encourage people to weigh in, give feedback and open the dialogue for how they would like to contribute to projects. This is the heart of team and collaboration.

Sharing what’s going on gives people the foresight to the happenings which opens them up to understanding the energy, contributing, and simply helping out in more ways than one.

Time Block It

If you leave things to chance, chances are it will be overlooked likely to client work. Giving your chosen focus a placemark in calendars is one of the ways to make it a priority. This goes for everyone. Giving people space to work on the focus you determined best for the company is still contributing to the company; even if the effort isn’t directly tied to billings or client work.

Needless to say, having a strong month can be the difference between a meh month or a marvelous one. Planning is all about being intentional, and these 4 simple steps are an excellent way to make it happen.

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