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3 Game-Changing Tips for Better Projects

If you’re getting excited about your next big design project, take a moment to breathe before you dive right in. It’s easy to get lost in all the inspirational elements of a project, but you want to make sure that you’re keeping the big picture in mind.

Set expectations upfront.

I’m all about putting together a framework for making projects successful. Calendars, workflows, and teamwork. Advancement is always possible and setting standards makes it even better. It’s up to you to set those standards with your team and clients. You’ll want your clients to know just what a successful project will look and feel like with your design business.

Using process tools like Project Timetime & Roadmap for your design projects is just one of the ways to help ensure all details are accounted for every phase of the project implementation. Providing your client with visibility on the project also encourages trust in you and your team. Using process tools is also a great way to set the groundwork before automating with a system as you mature in business.

Establish a process.

You’ve begun your business with a specific type of excellence in mind, and it’s your job to see that through in all areas of your business.

From creative to professional services, your goals won’t see your desired end result when you focus on that goal more than the process that can help to reach it. Establishing a set of steps that can lead you logically toward the goal, will help you’ll identify all important elements you’ve determined best for your business.

It’s easy to keep your head down, but taking a moment to remind yourself of the bigger vision will help you create the level of excellence your company’s reputation will be built on.

3 Game Changing Tips For Better Projects by Interior Design Master Class

Hire help and delegate.

Brainpower brought you to the development of your business, but it’s an important flame that you’ll want to keep burning. Brainpower will fuel the big decisions, but can also be depleted by tedious tasks.

There’s a pinnable moment when you realize some tasks are better served by someone else. Operational -like tasks can eat away pockets of your day better reserved for more robust planning and important work. For high achievers, it can be difficult to recognize when a task isn’t necessary for you.

You might be feeling some fear as you move throughout the process, but the safety of what is familiar can sometimes keep us from taking bold steps forward.

By putting tasks to the people who can execute them well, you’ll be engineering growth for yourself and your future. You don’t want to end up the multitasker of every area of your business. When you delegate work, you’ll be able to spend time working toward your big-picture goals and designated space for what I call “CEO time,” or moments of your week where you can put energy toward your business strategy, growth, and the future.

Pay attention to the areas where strategy and planning could make a difference in your business, and you’ll be working with a cohesive structure that will help to take your business to a brighter future.

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