The Hustle Plan

$533.00 for the first month $533.00 / month for 2 months thereafter



** The Doors are open for The Hustle Plan !!   Throw the confetti!! We start January 2018!!!**

The Hustle Plan program is the only step by step training program that will teach you how to build a design business that is distinctively yours, giving you more joy and more profit.

I’ve worked with dozens of interior design pros who were charging low prices in hopes of attracting tons of new clients. Once we refined their signature purpose and showed them the true worth of their service, they’re now charging 10X what they were before AND working with fewer clients.

It’s a 3-month immersive training program for interior design business owners and it’s different than other online programs. The Hustle Plan program is a two-prong approach to high gear growth; giving you the business framework for a thriving design business and personally holding your hand to focus and work on the most important activities in your business. Outside of the theory monthly sessions, together we’ll identify the high impact projects specifically for you – I’ll personally help you hardwire productivity habits into your week so you can immediately do things differently.

This plan & action system will help you establish a vision for your business and identify goals. Then, we’ll see them through and start building momentum into your business. It’s also a system that once you’ve conquered it, you’ll start rolling into other parts of your life and start to create a lifestyle you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

Here’s what you’ll walk away with by enrolling in #TheHustlePlan:

  • How to start thinking like a business owner and not just a designer so you can profit from your creativity
  • Mindset shifts so you can take control of who you work with, how you work with them and charge the prices you deserve
  • 3 productivity habits that are essential to moving your business forward in the right direction for you
  • How to find your niche and attract the right clients to help you generate profits quickly + the biggest income-destroying mistakes I see designers make AND 3 ways to price for profitability
  • The ONE thing successful interior designers are doing right now to leapfrog competition
  • The questions you MUST ask before taking on any job ( this secret alone will save frustration later ) + how to say “ thank you, but no thank you ” without sabotaging your reputation
  • Questions and listening techniques that position you for hire immediately
  • Proven marketing techniques so your ideal client hires to you even before you show up to their house + how to position yourself so they stop asking for your discount
  • 3 MUST HAVE processes so working with you is straightforward and mostly error-free
  • Client management tips and how to communicate them so that you’re in the driver’s seat throughout the project + why it’s important
  • Dozens of tips that will have your clients referring you to their circle of friends

AND… how to do ALL this in a way that your business runs on autopilot, so you can stop worrying about getting clients… and START focusing on the work you love!

We’ll do this via:

  • 3 monthly group coaching calls
  • 3 monthly 60 – minute one on one calls with Wendy
  • Weekly emails for 12 weeks to keep your goals top of mind

If you’ve ever joined me for any of my speaking engagements, classes or conferences you know that I’m hugely passionate about helping you. When it comes to understanding the business side of design and growing your business in a way that sets you up for more joy and more profit, it’s my personal mission to be your trusted advisor and help you understand how to generate big business results with your creativity. That is exactly why I’ve created The Hustle Plan.

Kick start your business success by joining us for The Hustle Plan!!

Just to clarify the fee. It’s a one time fee of $1497 or a monthly fee of $533 for 3 months.

Our 20% savings for Black Friday / Cyber Monday applies to the first month. Apply the IDMC20 coupon code at the check page and it will automatically adjust the price.

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